Black bear caught after stealing food from local in central Thailand (video)

Photo via Facebook/ มานิตย์ มกรกุณฑล

Royal Forestry Department authorities have successfully captured an Asian black bear that was stealing food from a local kitchen in Prachantakarm district in the central province of Prachin Buri.

The 62 year old homeowner, Wimon Ngammeesri, reached out to the authorities after the black bear repeatedly stole food from her refrigerator and food cupboard. Wimon explained that her house is close to the forest and has several fruit trees.

Wimon revealed that the first night the bear stole two trays of sausages and bread from her fridge. Wimon said the bear came back for another night and destroyed her cupboard to get rice and eggs. She reported the problem to the authorities, who came to her house to deploy a trap to apprehend the persistent bear.

Wimon went on to explain that she believed that the bear would never return to the house but she went to check the trap in the middle of the night and found the bear in the cage.

The Royal Forestry Department authorities reported that the bear was identified as a female, aged about seven to eight years old, with a weight ranging from 70 to 80 kilogrammes. They used fruit and other food to lure the bear into the cage and later released it into the forest in a national park in nearby Nakhon Nayok province.

Fortunately, no locals were injured and the authorities were able to relocate the bear safely. The intrusion of these wild animals into residential areas can be attributed to their struggle to find sustenance in their natural habitat.

This case is similar to the intrusion of an elephant herd in the southern province of Songkhla. They destroyed locals’ houses in search of food.

Before entering the residential area, the same herd approached locals in the forest, causing one of the locals to get lost in the forest. Authorities managed to rescue the missing local in the forest, 2 kilometres from the Malaysian border.

Asian black bear Thailand
Photo via Facebook/ มานิตย์ มกรกุณฑล
Balck bear steal food
Photo via Facebook/ มานิตย์ มกรกุณฑล

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