Benz Apache warns about new scam after sister’s 200000 baht close shave

Photo courtesy of Benz Apache - เบ๊น อาปาเช่ (Facebook)

Prominent influencer, Benz Apache, has warned the public about a new type of scam where fraudsters impersonate sellers. The scammer usually contacts the victim immediately after a live broadcast ends. Without careful scrutiny, victims can easily lose money.

Benz, a well-known influencer, issued a warning about a new type of scamming technique where culprits impersonate sellers and contact potential victims immediately after a live broadcast. This came after he and his sister experienced such an incident.

The incident happened as his sister was participating in a live auction for Buddhist amulets. Supposedly, the shop was named SiAnAe Buddha Amulets. The bidding war progressed until his sister managed to win the auction, closing the deal at 200,000 Baht (US$5,829). SiAnAe Buddha Amulets then announced live that Ben’s sister was the winning bidder.

However, immediately after the announcement, a Facebook account named “SiAnAe Buddha Amulets”, with an identical profile picture, messaged her. The message, sent less than 30 seconds after the announcement stating that…

“Congratulations, this amulet is worth a lot. Please transfer the money to this bank account.”

It turned out that this was a fake Facebook account, operated by a scammer who was also watching the live auction.

Fortunately, Benz’s sister and SiAnAe were already acquainted and knew each other’s bank account details. They also had a history of chatting, which helped them realise that the message was from an impersonator. As a result, his sister did not transfer any money, saving herself from falling victim to the scam.

This incident led Benz to understand why so many people fall for such scams. Without close attention, it’s easy to become a victim, especially for those who are not well-versed with social media or unable to keep up with fast-paced events. The money would be gone in the blink of an eye.

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