Bangkok’s PM2.5 problem reflected in artist’s ‘Invisible Town’

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In the heart of Bangkok, an artistic revelation is set to rock the city as Invisible Town emerges at SAC Gallery.

From this Saturday, January 27 until March 23, a solo exhibition by the talented Thidarat Chantachua, aka Mariem, promises to unearth the buried stories of Bangkok, inviting viewers to peer beyond the glossy surface and explore the unseen depths through her masterful strokes.

Thidarat’s artistic prowess shines through a diverse array of mediums, featuring embroidery on tie-dye fabric, paintings adorned with delicate stitches, and artworks on unconventional canvases like roof panels. What makes her creations truly unique is the ingenious use of common objects: smashed cans, mosquito wire screens, used cardboard, milk cartons, and wrought iron.

The artist, through her intricate work, unfolds the narrative of haze-blanketed landscapes, an artistic testament to Thailand’s pressing air pollution crisis. In a daring departure from her previous dark themes, Thidarat utilises soft-coloured tie-dye fabrics and prints reflecting the locales surrounding her dwelling. These pieces vividly capture the smog, serving as a powerful symbol for the alarming air pollution plaguing Thailand, particularly the bustling metropolis of Bangkok.

But it’s not just about the environmental crisis. Thidarat’s creations echo the many challenges faced by Bangkok, largely stemming from inadequate city planning. This exhibition transcends the local context, resonating with Bangkokians while also shedding light on the struggles of developing cities worldwide. It invites contemplation on the shared experiences of growth, challenges, and aspirations that unite urban landscapes globally, reported Bangkok Post.

Thidarat’s artistic series acts as a bridge, seamlessly connecting diverse narratives and initiating a global dialogue on the ever-changing landscapes of modern cities. It’s a call to action, urging viewers to consider the implications of unchecked growth and the importance of sustainable city planning in an increasingly interconnected world.

The grand opening of Invisible Town awaits on Saturday at 5pm, marking the beginning of a visual journey into the heart of Bangkok’s concealed stories. SAC Gallery, situated on Sukhumvit 39, opens its doors from Tuesday to Saturday, welcoming art enthusiasts from 11am to 6pm. Admission is free.

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