Bangkok sees drop in PM2.5 levels but 41 areas still exceed standard, orange alert issued

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Air Quality Data Centre in Bangkok reported a decrease in PM2.5 levels today, from 5am to 7am. The measurements ranged from 25.8 to 60.2 micrograms per cubic metre (µg/m³), with an average of 40.1µg/m³ across Bangkok. Despite the decrease, 41 areas still exceed the standard level, impacting health with an orange level alert.

As of 7am, PM2.5 measurements ranged between 25.8 and 57.8µg/m³, showing a reduction compared to the same time yesterday. However, 37 areas still exceeded the standard level (not exceeding 37.5µg/m³), impacting health with an orange level alert.

The highest measurements were recorded in the Bang Rak area near Bang Rak Love Plaza Police Station (57.8µg/m³), Nong Khaem area at the three-way junction by the police station on Phetkasem 81 Road (56.9µg/m³), and Tawee Watthana at the entrance to Sanam Luang 2 (56.9µg/m³), reported Sanook.

For those affected by the orange level alert, it is advised to limit outdoor activities or use protective equipment if necessary. People with health conditions such as cough, difficulty breathing, eye irritation, chest tightness, headache, irregular heartbeat, nausea, and fatigue should consult a doctor.

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A check of the NASA hotspot data showed no hotspots with abnormal heat values in the Bangkok area.

People are advised to check air quality data before leaving home via the AirBKK app,,, or various Facebook pages and LINE channels. If anyone identifies a source of pollution, they can report it through the Traffy Fondue channel.

Meteorological conditions between today and October 28, suggest poor to weak air circulation which may increase PM2.5 concentration in some areas. Today, Bangkok and its vicinity have a 70% chance of thunderstorms, with heavy rain and strong winds in some places.

Two days ago, Bangkok, alongside other provinces, was grappling with unsettling levels of ultra-fine dust, or PM2.5. The quality of air in several areas has been categorised as either moderate or in the unhealthy spectrum. To read more click HERE

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