Young woman nabbed for running fake loan scam in Thailand

A young woman was arrested in Nakhon Ratchasima for her involvement in a sophisticated loan scam operation that duped victims into transferring money for non-existent loans.

The sophistication of online financial scams and the importance of being vigilant when sharing personal information and transferring money over the Internet is been crucial these days. The police urge the public to be cautious and to report any suspicious financial activities to prevent falling victim to such fraudulent schemes

The authorities, under the directive of the Police Lieutenant General, head of the Special Branch Police, Worawat Wattanakornbancha, and his team, today, April 15, apprehended Chawanrat, 20 year old, in Pak Thong Chai district for committing public fraud and money laundering.

Chawanrat was part of a scheme that lured individuals seeking loans to a fraudulent website,, where they were tricked into providing phone numbers. Subsequently, victims received a message with a link to add a friend on Line, a popular messaging app, which was disguised as a legitimate loan service provider.

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Believing the service to be genuine, victims were coerced into transferring money as a security deposit for the loan approval. In one case, a victim looking to borrow 100,000 baht ended up transferring over 103,750 baht, only to realize later that they had been conned.

Investigations revealed that the transferred funds went into the suspect’s account, prompting the police to issue an arrest warrant and track her down. The arrest is part of an ongoing effort to apprehend the remaining members of the scam network and the masterminds behind the fake loan platform. Police are determined to dismantle the entire operation to prevent further incidents of fraud.

The authorities are currently expanding their search to capture the accomplices involved in this criminal network. The focus is also on tracking down the creators of the fake loan platform, to bring all parties involved to justice, reported Khaosod.

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