Bangkok police arrest rapist posing as taxi rider

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Bangkok police apprehended an alleged sexual predator in the RCA area, posing as a motorcycle taxi and sexually assaulting intoxicated women. His arrest this morning prompted heightened security by police in the area.

The suspect, 35 year old Thanapath was taken into custody based on an arrest warrant issued on June 10 for charges of rape, indecent acts, and theft. He faces additional charges for possessing child pornography.

His criminal record includes three prior convictions for a nighttime theft in Phayao in 2008, a robbery in Phayao in 2012, and gambling in Bangkok in 2018. Authorities arrested Thanapath in front of an establishment located in the RCA area of Huai Khwang, Bangkok.

The investigation began when a Chinese woman, after an evening out in RCA, became intoxicated and called for a ride home through a taxi app. While waiting, she encountered Thanapath, who posed as her ride on a motorcycle.

Believing he was her driver, she got on, only to be taken to a well-known short-stay hotel in Rangnam, where she was sexually assaulted. She reported the incident immediately to Phaya Thai Police Station, prompting the issuance of the arrest warrant.

Police discovered Thanapath’s pattern of targeting women between 1am and 5am, the hours following the closure of night-time establishments. He would ride around eateries, searching for potential victims. Further investigation revealed that he continued this predatory behaviour.

Danger to women

Police recognised the dangers posed towards female tourists and a team was directed to intensify patrol efforts in the RCA area.

Today at 5am, investigators spotted Thanapath on his motorcycle, exhibiting the same behaviour of looking for victims and promptly arrested him. Upon examining his phone, they found videos of at least five women being assaulted.

Thanapath denied the allegations, claiming the women consented to go with him and that he did not use condoms because it affected his performance. He also stated that the other explicit videos on his phone were of women he paid for services, who allegedly consented to being filmed. He refused to cooperate further and stated he would only testify in court.

Following his arrest, Thanapath was handed over to the Makkasan Police Station for prosecution. Thai police remain sceptical about his claims, citing his familiarity with investigative procedures due to previous arrests.

The strength of the evidence against Thanapath was emphasised in addition to suspicions of unreported assault victims who have yet to come forward with their claims, reported KhaoSod.

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