Bangkok Book Festival returns, online

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The “Bangkok Book Festival” is returning this Friday, after making prior appearances in 2015 and 2016.

The theme will be “The magic of Paper” as the 3rd non-annual festival seems to invoke a mood of wonder and “knowledge” of paper. The intention is to inspire readers and promote reading through 6 activities.

Activities such as talks and books for sale. There will also be a “Book Zoo Exhibition” and “Movie Time” at the Goethe Institute. There will also be an art exhibition entitled “Safe and sound Gallery” presented at the Jam Factory Gallery.

There was supposed to be a papercraft demonstration, however, due to Covid, all in-person activities have been cancelled.

The festival starts with talks that take bibliophiles on a journey through 14 topics. Readers will re-experience paper and take in the magic of it. Festival fans will interact with people whose work is paper-centric such as authors, book and product designers, publishers, magazine editors, printing experts, librarians, and academics.

These conversations will take place over 3 days, commencing tomorrow and concluding Sunday streaming here

As part of the festival, publishers are offering select books by international authors, such as Germany, Portugal, Japan, Ireland, and Russia, at low prices. You can buy the books here and here. That is, until July 25

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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