Baffled car owner captures garbage man trying to open vehicle on CCTV in Thailand

Photo courtesy of @rrainyfon (TikTok)

A car owner was left baffled after discovering unsightly marks on her vehicle’s door handle, only to check her CCTV footage and witness a garbage collector attempting to open her car door. The incident has raised concerns among residents who are compelled to park their cars on the street due to limited space at home, highlighting the vulnerability of their vehicles to unwarranted interference.

The incident surfaced when TikTok user @rrainyfon posted a video with the caption, “Why is the man in the red shirt trying to open my car door?”

The video shows a man, presumed to be a sanitation worker, dressed in red, walking past a black sedan parked by the roadside and reaching out to open the car door, which fortunately was locked. The poster of the story expressed her alarm.

“This morning I was about to go to work on Monday and found dirty smudges all over the car door handle, so I checked the camera. This man tried the handle the door as if he was trying to open it. What would have happened if I had forgotten to lock the car? And I have no idea how many times this has happened before or if this has been done to other cars.”

The car owner’s post resonated with many fellow social media users, sparking a wide range of comments. In response to a query about parking outside her house, @rrainyfon explained that there was no space to park inside and that about 90% of the neighbourhood faces the same issue.

She emphasised that the main concern was the man’s suspicious behaviour towards her car, suggesting that it’s abnormal for anyone to casually touch or attempt to pull on someone else’s car door, reported KhaoSod.

@rrrainyfon The point is, I was going to work on Monday morning. Found dirt stains all over the door opening. So I turned on the camera. I found that the red shirt guy… was holding his hand. It’s like making a smooth move to open the door. What is it? What happens if I forget to lock the car? And I don’t know how many times I’ve done it. Or what has been done with it? No matter if you claim to just wipe your hands, just hold them, or whatever. It showed bad intentions from the beginning. There wouldn’t be any good person who would put their hand on someone else’s car door handle to play with. ♬ original sound – RRRainyfon

In related news, safety alerts were issued at Buriram Rajabhat University due to a suspicious man leaving unsettling notes. A police investigation is underway.

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