Purrilous pickle: AOT warns pet owners after airport cat caper

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Airports of Thailand (AOT) issued a stern warning to pet owners not to let their cats roam free in airport areas to prevent potential damage and ensure the safety of travellers. This announcement follows an incident at Suvarnabhumi International Airport where a cat was filmed wandering the premises without supervision.

The feline in question, an orange cat named Nuarang became somewhat of a social media sensation after being spotted lounging on an escalator and casually greeting travellers at the airport.

It has been discovered that the owner of the cat was not a traveller but a representative of a tour company working inside the airport to welcome tourists. The owner allowed the cat to wander without control, causing inconvenience and potential harm to airport users and property.

AOT has not had a specific rule banning pets from airport areas, recognising that some passengers need to travel with their pets. However, in light of the recent event, AOT may consider implementing new regulations that require pet owners to keep their pets on a leash or hold them while at the airport to prevent future disturbances and damage.

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The airport authority has already reprimanded the owner of the cat and requested cooperation to refrain from bringing pets into the terminal unless necessary.

The incident occurred early in April, as revealed by airport CCTV footage. AOT’s response to the situation indicates a growing concern for the well-being of airport facilities and the comfort of its users.

The potential new rules would be in line with global standards for pet control in public spaces, ensuring that airports remain safe and comfortable for all visitors.

This event has sparked a dialogue about pet ownership responsibilities, especially in public areas like airports, where the safety and convenience of the public must take precedence.

As of now, the AOT is deliberating on the best course of action to take to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Pet owners visiting airports may soon need to adjust their practices and ensure their pets are securely leashed or held, affirming the airport’s commitment to maintaining order and safety within its premises.

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