Party probe: AMLO speeds up investigation into fatal Nok housewarming bash

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The Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) is fast-tracking an investigation into police officers who attended the housewarming party of village headman Praween Chanklai, also known as Nok, which led to the death of two police officers.

The victims of the fatal shooting were Police Major Siwakorn Saibua, a 32 year old highway police inspector who ultimately succumbed to multiple bullet injuries, and Pol. Lt. Col. Wasin Panpee. Both officers were part of Highway Police Sub-division 2. Detailed scrutiny is required as this case is nuanced.

Around 10.30am today, September 18, a small group of police officers tasked with disentangling the shooting case was reported at the AMLO. The team, led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Anake Taosupap, Deputy Director of the AMLO, attended a meeting with the small investigation team prior to a bigger meeting with Police Lieutenant General Jiraphop Puriyadet, the Commander of the Central Investigation Bureau, at 2pm that day. The first press conference to the mass media was also scheduled for the same day.

National Police Officer, Police Lieutenant Colonel Anake, provided an update on the progress, stating that the officers present at the housewarming party of the headman Nok are currently under review. They are doing an investigation if any individuals are guilty of neglect of duty under Article 157, or whether they have given false testimony.

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As this is a sensitive matter, a thorough review is required to ensure fairness for all involved. It was expected that clarity would emerge on this day regarding the police officers who will be prosecuted, including those summoned to acknowledge the charges.

It was reported that 13 police officers are facing charges of neglecting their duty under Article 157. Two of the accused officers hold the rank of Director: Police Lieutenant Colonel Phanut Lueangsatchakun, Commander, Provincial Police Region, Nakhon Pathom, and Police Lieutenant Colonel Krisadaporn Chongaksorn, Commander, Phyathai Police Station.

National Police Officer, Police Lieutenant Colonel Wisnu Prasatthong-Osot, commented briefly that the team leader is currently verifying information about all the police officers involved in the incident.

The investigators are still working within a 15-day timeframe. Once this period is over, the disciplinary investigation team leader will have to report back to him. Whether the disciplinary offence is serious enough to warrant dismissal will depend on the evidence. However, the disciplinary offence being investigated is different from the criminal offence that the Central Investigation Bureau is investigating, but both investigations will be coordinated.

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