Adani eyes Landbridge project for connecting India to Japan and Korea

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin met with the chairman of the Indian company Adani Group during the World Economic Forum (WEF), held in Davos, Switzerland. Adani Group, known for their extensive investments in developing ports and airports, expressed a strong interest in the Landbridge project, aimed at connecting India’s transportation to Japan and Korea, said the Thai PM.

“Adani Group’s investment in the Landbridge project has garnered a lot of interest. The initiative aims to connect transportation from India to Japan and Korea.

“Adani has offered to collaborate on extending flight routes from India to Thailand, to boost tourism between the two nations.”

PM Srettha posted a message following his meeting with the chairman of Adani Group at the final meeting of the WEF yesterday. He stated that the company, which specialises in developing ports and airports, showed considerable interest in the Landbridge project, which seeks to link India’s transportation to Japan and Korea.

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The Landbridge project has attracted a lot of investment interest, said the Bangkok-born Srettha.

“This is to connect transport from India to Japan and Korea. Adani has expressed willingness to discuss with relevant parties to expand flight routes from India to Thailand, aiming to increase tourists between the two countries.”

The Landbridge project is a significant step in enhancing the transportation links between India, Japan, and Korea. This initiative will not only boost the connectivity between these nations but also pave the way for an increase in tourism, thus strengthening their bilateral relations.

The collaboration with Adani Group, a leading investment company in India, is a promising move towards achieving this goal, reported KhaoSod.

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