Acid-twisted mystery: Skeleton of missing Thai man found in Isaan forest, pointing to a chilling murder plot

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Tha Li district residents in the Isaan province of Loei discovered the skeleton of a missing Thai man in a local forest. Police believe the culprit used acid to dissolve the flesh of the deceased to conceal the murder.

A Thai man, Jakrawut Supanya, took to social media for help to find his missing younger brother, 30 year old Saranyu Supanya. He shared a picture of Saranyu with a caption stating…

“Searching for my brother. He disappeared from home on the afternoon of June 21. He is employed by a loan shark. I have been unable to contact him. No one has reported seeing him either. If you happen to come across this person, kindly reach out to me. Please help me find my brother.”

Jakrawut later filed a missing person’s complaint at Wang Saphung Police Station in the Wang Saphung district of the northeastern province of Loei on June 28.

Significant progress was reported yesterday, July 5, when locals in the Tha Li district stumbled upon some skeleton remains in the forest along Baan Miang-Nam Khaem Road. The skeleton, completely devoid of any flesh, was found wearing a red T-shirt and a necklace. A cap and more clothes were discovered nearby the deceased.

Jakrawut visited the scene with the police and a rescue team and confirmed that the skeleton was his missing brother Saranyu.

From the initial investigation, the police believed that the murderer poured liquid acid over Saranyu to remove all of his flesh in an attempt to conceal the crime. The skeleton and his belongings were transferred to Tha Li Hospital for an autopsy and investigation.

Officers questioned Saranyu’s family members and found that his father spoke to his son on the phone before the disappearance. Saranyu informed his father that his employer took him to a mountain area to collect money from a debtor.

Despite the plausibility of a conflict involving colleagues, the police have not dismissed the notion of an extramarital affair playing a role in this case. It has been revealed that a group of men had broken into Saranyu’s residence, attacking him and issuing death threats about an adulterous dispute before his sudden disappearance.

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