Accused gambling MP sits on Anti-Corruption Committee, claims Thai Patriots Network leader

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Srisuwan Janya, the leader of the Thai Patriots Network, revealed that a member of Ratchaburi’s House of Representatives, previously accused of gambling in a viral video, sits on the Anti-Corruption Committee. This is a committee that is highly contested, especially when the individual was a member of the Blue Party during his tenure as a Ratchaburi representative.

Despite the selection of 35 committees as per the constitution under Article 129 and regulations 90 – 91, each composed of 15 members, the process is not as straightforward.

A representative can only sit on a maximum of two committees, with nominations submitted by each party until complete. However, this does not mean that any representative can nominate themselves for any committee.

This is especially true for the Anti-Corruption Committee, which is responsible for examining and studying issues related to the prevention and suppression of corruption. Only those representatives with no history of corruption are deemed suitable, reported Sanook.

Therefore, the news that a representative, previously accused in a viral video of gambling in parliament, now sits on the Anti-Corruption Committee, is entirely contradictory.

This could undermine the credibility of the committee’s investigations into corruption and misconduct and could impair its ability to prevent and address such issues.

For this reason, the Thai Patriots Network plans to object to the appointment of the gambling representative to the Anti-Corruption Committee. The objection will be filed on tomorrow, October 9, at 10am at the Glass Hall, Parliament Building.

If the Speaker of the House refuses to review the appointment, it could be deemed a serious violation of ethical standards, and may have to be brought to the Anti-Corruption Commission for further investigation, concluded Srisuwan.

In March, all bets are off according to spokeswoman Pongsri Tharaphume who revealed “an investigation will be launched” into an incident involving an unnamed MP who allegedly engaged in gambling activities at his office in Parliament. To read more click HERE

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