Ruff rescue: Abandoned pit bull in Hat Yai finds new home

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A pit bull was found abandoned in the heart of Hat Yai, dehydrated, weak, and unable to move. Rescuers discovered it infested with ticks and emaciated. Fortunately, a kind-hearted individual has already come forward to offer the dog a new home.

Residents found the pit bull, weighing about 50 kilogrammes, left in Soi 6, Rat Uthit area, yesterday, June 11. The Hope Songkhla, in collaboration with Hat Yai Municipality, quickly intervened to rescue the dog.

Residents reported discovering the dog around 11am yesterday and immediately notified The Hope Songkhla for assistance. Upon arrival, the rescuers found the dog in a severely weakened state due to dehydration and extreme heat, with its body covered in ticks. Fearful of the large and potentially aggressive dog, residents had initially tried to offer water using a stick.

“It was heartbreaking to see a dog in such a condition. We didn’t know how to help without getting too close.”

Contrary to initial fears, the rescuers found the dog friendly and non-aggressive once they approached it. The Hope Songkhla took the dog for medical treatment, where initial examinations revealed severe fatigue, tick infestation, and a blood parasite infection. The dog’s red blood cell count was critically low, necessitating intensive care and nourishment.

The Hope Songkhla, in partnership with The Hope Thailand Foundation, is committed to nursing the dog back to health. They have named the dog Nong Fluke. An anonymous benefactor has expressed their intention to have the dog trained by a professional named Khru Nong, who will assist in the recovery and preparation for the dog’s new life.

“We aim to restore Nong Fluke to full health and ensure it is well-trained before handing it over to a new, caring owner.”

A representative from The Hope Songkhla emphasised the legal repercussions of abandoning animals, referencing Section 23 of the Animal Welfare Act, which makes it illegal to abandon animals under one’s care. Such acts can endanger both the animal and the public.

A compassionate individual has already stepped forward to adopt Nong Fluke once the dog completes its recovery and training. The Hope Songkhla is overseeing the entire process to ensure the dog transitions smoothly to its new home, reported KhaoSod.

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