3 year old kidnapped by mother’s ex and abandoned on roadside

Photo via Facebook account of Aung Ing's mother

Locals in the Isaan province of Nakhon Phanom found a three year old girl abandoned by a roadside after she had been kidnapped by her mother’s ex-boyfriend from a school in Kalasin province.

The Thai mother took to social media to search for her three year old daughter, Aung Ing, who went missing from her school yesterday, July 9. Security camera footage showed a Thai man arriving at the school on his motorcycle and taking Aung Ing away in the afternoon.

The man was later identified as 29 year old Amphon, the ex-boyfriend of Aung Ing’s mother. The woman broke up with him two weeks before the incident.

According to the woman, Amphon once told her that he would make her hurt 100 times more than him if they broke up. She believed that Amphon kidnapped her daughter out of anger and in an attempt to win her back.

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Aung Ing’s teacher told Channel 3 that Amphon had previously taken Aung Ing to and from school with the mother on multiple occasions, so the teacher allowed him to take the girl. The teacher was unaware that the couple already had broken up.

Channel 3 interviewed Amphon’s mother, 53 year old Nok, who denied knowing her son’s whereabouts. Nok suspected that Amphon was angry at the girl’s mother for breaking up with him because he could not find 30,000 baht to marry her.

Nok claimed that Amphon had been working hard to take care of Aung Ing and always gave money to the woman whenever she requested it. He had wanted to build a loving family with Aung Ing’s mother but the woman had rejected him over the marriage dispute.

A witness told the mother yesterday that Amphon and the girl were at Phadung Temple in Udon Thani, so she and her relatives rushed to the scene to search for Aun Ing. Unfortunately, they found nothing.

Locals in Nakhon Phanom province later found Aung Ing crying on the roadside but Amphon was not present. The girl is now in the care of a community leader, and her mother is travelling to collect her.

The girl’s mother filed a complaint against Amphon at Mueang Kalasin Police Station. Officers have not yet revealed the operation plan to arrest the suspect.

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