235 arrested at restaurant serving alcohol after curfew

PHOTO: 235 people were arrested as police raided a restaurant serving alcohol after curfew. (via Chakkrapan Natanri)

Another bust for illegal alcohol and gathering occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning as police in Khon Kaen busted an alcohol-serving restaurant pouring drinks for over 200 customers illegally.

In violation of the Covid-19 Emergency Decree and the Communicable Disease Control Act, the Lan Mai restaurant in Maliwan Road in tambon Ban Pet in Muang district was found to be open after the 10 pm curfew and serving alcohol which is forbidden.

The provincial police chief reported that police arrived around 1 am late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning to find the restaurant bar packed. A total of 235 men and women were found inside the business, with 9 people under the age of 18,

The customers were eating and drinking, with alcohol being served covertly with cocktails being hidden in soda bottles and beer poured into incognito jugs.

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Local police joined forces with drug suppression and administrative officers and other health officials to execute the late-night raid. All the attendees in the raid have been given rapid antigen kit Covid-19 tests.

All those in the restaurant are being charged with violating the Emergency Decree and Communicable Disease Control Act for breaking the ban on gathering and were taken to the Ban Pet Police Station for processing. The owner of the restaurant faces the same charges.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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