15 police officers found guilty in fatal shooting cover-up

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At the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases, 15 police officers have been convicted of dereliction of duty for their involvement in a cover-up surrounding the fatal shooting of a highway police officer in Nakhon Pathom last year.

Former Krathumban Police Station inspector, Police Major Kiartisak Somsuk, alongside 14 other officers and seven civilians, faced justice for colluding to conceal evidence in the high-profile murder case. Alleged influential figure Praween Chanklay, also known as Kamnan Nok, was implicated in aiding the officers in their malfeasance.

Despite the damning evidence, only one officer, Police Sergeant Major Apirak, managed to evade conviction.

The chilling incident unfolded during a party hosted at Praween’s residence on September 6 last year. Pol. Maj. Siwakorn Saibua was fatally shot by Thananchai Munmak, an associate of Praween. Shockingly, as the officer lay wounded, the 15 policemen stood idly by, failing to intervene or provide timely medical assistance.

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The motive behind the gruesome act allegedly stemmed from Siwakorn’s refusal to allow Praween’s fleet of trucks, carrying illegally heavy loads, to pass through checkpoints under his jurisdiction. This act of integrity cost Siwakorn his life.

The court handed down varied sentences, with Kiartisak and three other officers facing two years behind bars, reported The Nation.

Eleven officers and five civilians received one year and four months, while another civilian was sentenced to one year, nine months, and 21 days. Praween was not spared, receiving a two-year jail term, with additional charges pending.

In related news, police captured a 72 year old man following a cross-province manhunt after he fatally shot his 75 year old wife, and fled to his hometown in Ayutthaya with the murder weapon in hand. The arrest occurred after meticulous investigative work pinpointed his hiding place.

In other news, a gunman sparked terror in the Sai Mai district when he started firing shots at Nong Bua Temple before walking with a gun along the busy Sukhapiban 5 Road. Police are currently hunting for the suspect and investigating the motives behind the incident, which occurred at 2pm on April 2.

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