13 year old boy falls to his death from 7th floor of school

A 13 year old boy tragically fell to his death from the seventh floor of a school building in the Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi province near Bangkok yesterday, February 7.

The boy’s mother, Jiraporn, revealed to Amarin TV that she was notified of the tragic news yesterday, February 7, that her son, Pepe, accidentally fell off the school building. She hurried to the school and found the rescue team transporting him to the emergency car.

Jiraporn said she followed the rescue team to Panyananthaphikkhu Chonprathan Medical Center in her car and saw a medical worker performing CPR on Pepe. The doctor told her that Pepe’s legs were broken. His brain and abdomen were bleeding. The doctor said she could lose her son if he did not respond to treatment within 30 minutes.

Jiraporn said Pepe later succumbed to his injuries. Jiraporn expressed frustration that the school had not yet clarified the circumstances leading to his fall.

She stressed that her son’s fall was not a suicide. Her son was a good boy both at home and at school. He concentrated on his studies and recorded good scores almost every semester. She never put pressure on him and Pepe never complained that he was stressed or had problems with any classmates.

Jiraporn revealed that she told her son every day that she loved him. Her son grew up with love and support from her and her husband and the family did not have any issues. Jiraporn demanded the school to tell her the cause of Pepe’s fall.

One 31 news agency reported that the school later invited Jiraporn to view the CCTV footage of the incident today, February 8. Jiraporn revealed that the footage confirmed that the fall was an accident, providing some relief to her. The mother and the school did not clarify the details of the accident.

However, Jiraporn heard from the news that her son was stressed about a Boy Scout subject, but she had not known about this before. She said she would address this matter with the school to determine if it played a role in her son’s death.

The school has banned news reporters from entering the premises and urged teachers and students to refrain from giving interviews to the media as well.

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