Jealous Thai man shoots ex-girlfriend in the head when she refuses to take him back

A jealous Thai man shot his ex-girlfriend in the head this morning in Nakhon Pathom province, central Thailand after she refused to take him back.

At 10am, officers at Kamphaeng Saen Police Station were informed that someone was shot and seriously injured at a house in Sa Si Mum subdistrict, reports KhaoSod.

The victim, 27 year old Anuthida, was shot in the head, arm and leg with a .38 calibre gun.

Police arrived at the scene to find a huge pool of blood in the bedroom. Anuthida’s relatives had already taken her to Kamphaeng Saen Hospital.

Anuthida’s 23 year old relative Pawanrat told police that around five people were currently living at the property.

Early in the morning, Anuthida’s 52 year old ex-boyfriend Somphong arrived at the house uninvited, said Pawanrat.

Pawanrat said that Anuthida and Somphrong argued for hours this morning. Somphrong tried to win Anuthida back, but she didn’t want him back. Anuthida told Somphrong to leave, but he wouldn’t, said Pawanrat.

Anuthida walked into her bedroom to get away from him and Somphrong followed her, said Pawanrat.

That’s when Pawanrat heard multiple shots fired and ran into the bedroom to find Anuthida in a pool of blood on the floor, struggling to breathe. Pawanrat and their other housemates rushed her to the hospital.

The assailant fled the scene in his black Isuzu four-door pickup truck, driving off along the Ban Sa Si Mum Road toward the Khamphaeng Saen district. Pawanrat told the police which direction he went.

However, the police have not reported arresting Somphot yet. There has also been no update on Anuthida’s condition after being shot in the head.

Police said that from their initial investigation, they found out that Anuthida and Somphrong used to be in a relationship which didn’t work out.

Anuthida has had a new boyfriend for the past two-three months, which enraged jealous Somphrong when he found out, said police.

Somphrong harassed Anuthida and tried to convince her to take him back, but she didn’t entertain his advances, said police.

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