Man busted for allegedly possessing over 100 marijuana plants, selling marijuana online

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Yesterday, police in the eastern Thai province of Sa Kaeo arrested an unnamed man for allegedly selling marijuana online along with possession of marijuana.

At the 42 year old man’s residence, police allegedly found 111 marijuana plants in the backyard. The plants, strains unknown, were seized as evidence. Reportedly, police also seized 16.6 kilograms of marijuana, also known as dope, the devil’s lettuce, sticky icky, and cha (กัญชา) in Thai.

Police say the marijuana had been dried and they allege the suspect had packed and sealed it in cardboard boxes for sale. They also allege the man was selling his dried goods on the internet, via Facebook and Line. The illicit wares were then shipped through a transport company.

Last year, Thailand removed marijuana from the narcotics list. The amended law was to allow patients, medical practitioners, and traditional healers to grow marijuana for medical and commercial use. However, cannabis buds are still classified as a Category 5 narcotic with harsh penalties.

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SOURCE: Thai Residents

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