Last weekend many dead fish were found floating in a lagoon of a public park in Krabi town. The park is a popular spot where people are exercising. It is also an important tourism destination in Krabi.

The lagoon has a bad smell from dead fish with flies attracted to the smell of rotting fish. Monitor lizards had also moved into the area eating the dead fish. No official have inspected the area or organised an investigation as to what might be causing the dead fish (as of Tuesday).

It is believed that a hot weather spell may have caused the fish to die as there wasn’t not enough oxygen in the water. Lots of duckweed was also found in the water as the water windmills haven’t been working.

People who relax or exercise at the public park are calling for municipality officials to get rid of the dead fish and tackle the problem of the duckweed and bad odours.

- Kritsada Mueanhawong