Chon Buri

Body of dead man found in Chon Buri lagoon by shell collector

PHOTO: A body was found in a Chon Buri lagoon. (via Wisarn Sangjaroen)

A woman in Chon Buri was shocked when she went out searching for shells in a lagoon and instead stumbled upon a dead body. The incident took place in Bor Thong district of Chon Buri on Thursday afternoon, as the woman visited the lagoon to find and collect shells.

The lagoon is in the Tat Thong sub-district and Bor Thong Police received notification of the discovery of the body at about 2 pm on Thursday. Police arrived at the scene with rescue workers and found a man’s body floating face down in the waters of the Lagoon, clothed in only a pair of underwear.

The body was later identified as a 43 year old Thai man who had been reported missing the day before. Relatives of the deceased said that the man had a history of epilepsy with sudden epileptic attacks sometimes occuring. While police did not identify any signs of altercation or struggle on his body or any evidence nearby, a full autopsy is being conducted in order to determine the exact cause of death.

The woman who found the body said that she had been with her family looking for shells in the lagoon when she spotted something floating. She approached the unidentified object, believing that it was perhaps a coconut. Upon closer inspection, she discovered to her horror that it was a dead man’s body floating in the waters of the lagoon.

The woman gathered her family and left the water before calling the police to notify them of the grisly discovery.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

Neill Fronde

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