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Police go in search of accomplices after Chiang Mai haul of 10 million meth pills

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Police go in search of accomplices after Chiang Mai haul of 10 million meth pills | The Thaiger

Police have arrested a drug suspect this morning and confiscated a whopping 10.2 million methamphetamine pills in Chiang Mai’s Mae Ai district.

The suspect, so far unnamed, was arrested along with the 102 sacks containing drugs in Ban Muser Oko (Moo 6) in Tambon Tha Ton by officers from the Mae Ai and Mae Chan precincts, as well as border patrol policemen, according to Mae Ai superintendent Pol Colonel Kamkaew Suyati.

Police have extended their probe as a result of the arrest in a bid to capture accomplices and the source of the drugs, he added.

STORY: The Nation

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Chiang Mai

The new visa-fee waiver working in the north

Kritsada Mueanhawong



The new visa-fee waiver working in the north | The Thaiger

According to the National News Bureau of Thailand, the new visa-fee waiver is working. Well, in the northern provinces anyway.

The northern provinces are reporting an increase in the number of foreign visitors, thanks to the government’s free visa on arrival campaign.

Wiwat Piyawiroj , Executive Vice President of Commercial at Thai Airways, says the free visa on arrival scheme for 21 nationalities has boosted the number of foreign visitors in Thailand’s north, particularly in the tourist cities of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

He notes that more Thai Airways flights have been booked by Chinese passport holders as many of them will be celebrating the Loi Krathong Festival and the western New Year in Thailand.

Another contributor to the increase in the number of foreign visitors is the secondary destination campaign which offers tour packages to lesser-known attractions, according to Wiwat.

He added that Thai Airways is conducting a feasibility study on its return to the US market with a possibility of adding direct flights to American cities, following a report that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is planning to upgrade the Thai aviation sector to Category 1.

Thailand was downgraded to Category 2 in 2015 because of its failure to comply with international safety standards. The downgrade prohibited Thai carriers from adding new routes or expanding existing services to the world’s top aviation markets such as to the US.

SOURCE: National News Bureau of Thailand

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Chiang Mai

One in ten that die on Chiang Mai roads are foreigners

Kritsada Mueanhawong



One in ten that die on Chiang Mai roads are foreigners | The Thaiger

Ten percent of the people that die on Chiang Mai’s roads are foreigners. That equates to more than 1,000 foreign tourists and expats dying or being injured on the province’s road so far this year.

The statistics also reveal that the overwhelming majority of deaths and injury were on motorcycles (the same as the rest of Thailand).

Chiang Mai News said the figures came from MIS, an organisation concerned with road safety.

The report says that in the 25 districts of Chiang Mai province from January 1-November 16 this year there have been 13,051 accidents resulting in 246 deaths and 14,465 injuries. Of these, 25 deaths were foreigners and 1,100 of the injured were foreigners.

The main city district of Chiang Mai represented the worst of the province’s districts for death and injury. This is followed by Sansai district. Of the dead in Muang (city) district, 13 were women and 37 men.

Most deaths were 16-25 year olds and occurred between 6 pm and 10 pm. These demographics are similarly represented around Thailand.

SOURCE: Chiang Mai News

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Chiang Mai

66 yo Austrian arrested in Chiang Mai for possessing child porn

Kritsada Mueanhawong



66 yo Austrian arrested in Chiang Mai for possessing child porn | The Thaiger

The Thai immigration says they’ve arrested a 66 year old Austrian for downloading and possessing child porn.

The Thailand Internet Crime Against Children (TICAC) division learned about someone using the Dark Web to access child porn in September.

Thai police identified the person living in the Pa Daet district in the Chiang Mai city and obtained an arrest warrant.

The warrant was served on November 9. Pictures published on the Immigration Bureau website showed officers looking at a computer at the home of the as-yet unnamed suspect. His computer and HD were found to contain pornographic images of children.

The man faces 5 years in jail and a 100,000 baht fine. If it can be proved that he shared the images the jail term increases to 7 years and 140,000 baht fine.

A Thai woman whose name was on internet usage papers was also pictured on a board next to the Austrian. The Austrian is now in the custody of the Chiang Mai police.

SOURCE: Immigration Bureau

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