Driver survives 2-day lorry plunge ordeal by eating cabbage, rescued by cattle herder

A lorry transporting Chinese cabbages plunged 80 metres into a ravine in Chiang Mai, leaving the driver trapped for two days and two nights. Miraculously, he survived by eating the cabbages before a cattle herder found him yesterday.

In a dramatic rescue operation, emergency responders arrived on the scene at Huay Phak Kut curve in Mae Suek sub-district of Chiang Mai’s Mae Chaem district, on Highway No. 1263 between Khun Yuam and Mae Chaem. The incident took place approximately 190 kilometres from Chiang Mai City. Attempts to save the injured individual, who had been stuck in the six-wheeler lorry for over two days and two nights, required more than 30 minutes and involved cutting tools and rope equipment.

Throughout the ordeal, the driver was sustained by the Chinese cabbages he was transporting. It was by chance that the cattle herder came across the scene and alerted the driver’s neighbours, who subsequently contacted the authorities. It is believed that the accident occurred due to a brake system failure, which caused the lorry to lose control and plunge into the deep ravine.

Two years ago, Another incident also happened nearby. A cyclist riding in Chiang Mai, a northern Thai province, was unable to steer his bike down a downhill road yesterday morning and plummeted about 30 metres down a ravine to his death.

Police learned of the incident, which occurred on a steep section of the Mae Rim-Mae Sai tourist road in front of the Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline attraction, around 11 am. Police said that 34 year old Kritsuphan Khanchai wrestled with the downhill bend before striking a guardrail and plunging about the length of a 10-story building into a ravine below. To read more click here

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