Chiang Mai hospital reports 7 new cases after patients lied about being infected


A hospital in the northern province of Chiang Mai has reported a new cluster of Covid-19 after 3 patients lied about being infected. The Central Chiang Mai Memorial Hospital has 7 new cases of the virus after the patients concealed the fact that they had Covid-19 and subsequently passed it to 7 healthcare workers, as well as putting at least 56 people at risk.

Nation Thailand reports that the hospital has given the following information on the 3 patients, as well as the dates they attended the facility:

• A 39-year-old woman who visited the hospital on April 22

• A 46-year-old man who visited the hospital on April 26

• A 61-year-old woman who visited the hospital on May 3

It’s understood that only 2 of the infected healthcare workers, a doctor and a nurse, have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. The other 5 have yet to be inoculated. A hospital spokesperson says the facilty was already adhering to strict Covid-19 prevention measures, including recording the medical history of patients, instructing staff to avoid crowds and wear personal protective equipment, as well as disinfecting the premises daily.

“The hospital is cooperating with the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office on disease investigation and is asking those at risk to take a Covid-19 test as soon as possible.”

Nation Thailand reports that the hospital has now closed temporarily until May 21, with emergency cases and chronically-ill patents being treated in the parking area behind the main building.

Yesterday, Chiang Mai reported 10 new infections and 2 deaths. The province has now recorded a total of 3,944 cases, with 3,325 recovered, 605 undergoing hospital treatment, and 14 fatalities.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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