Fire lights up Chiang Mai: Doi Suthep Forest blaze sparks alarm

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The night skies over Chiang Mai were illuminated after a fire erupted in Doi Suthep Forest. The incident, reported by local media on Wednesday, April 17, was first sighted at a temple nestled within the forest.

Phuping Forest fire officers from Doi Suthep-Pui National Park were the first ones to spot the blaze and were promptly dispatched to the site to manage the situation.

As the fire spread, it quickly became evident that vehicular access to the affected area was impossible, necessitating a challenging on-foot journey for the additional forest fire officers who were called to assist. The severity of the situation came to the attention of Nirat Pongsitthaworn, the Governor of Chiang Mai. Upon receiving the fire report, he immediately directed nearby forest fire officers to tackle the blaze throughout the night.

By 12.20am, yesterday, April 18, the forest fire officers had successfully tamed the flames. Their relentless efforts throughout the night had paid off and the fire was under control, as reported by the local media in Chiang Mai.

While this incident was a testament to the dedication and efficiency of the fire officers, it also raised questions about the cause of the fire. As of the time of reporting, there was no clear indication of what might have triggered the blaze, reported Pattaya News.

In related Chiang Mai news, the city has been dealing with an alarming number of forest fires over the past week, with over 15 fires reported. As per the local authorities, 17 out of 153 hotspots were detected in the city last week.

Five of these hotspots are located in the Chiang Dao district, with two positioned on Doi Nang in Baan Na Lao of Tambon Chiang Dao. Forest fires have been blazing in these areas for several days now.

Efforts to extinguish the fires have been ongoing, led by the Protected Areas Regional Office 16, in collaboration with local communities and other state agencies. However, the difficult terrain, characterised by steep mountains and uneven geography, has been posing significant challenges to firefighting operations.

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