Frustrated Thai delivery rider sets fire to motorbike due to tyre problems

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A frustrated Thai delivery rider set fire to his motorbike after it frequently malfunctioned and had numerous flat tyres. The incident took place at 10am today in the Sampran district of the central Nakhon Pathom province, where local police discovered the burnt remains of the motorbike.

The scene occurred on a newly filled dirt area, where the motorbike was found completely burnt. While authorities were investigating, 32 year old Newat, a delivery rider, approached them. Newat claimed ownership of the burnt vehicle and admitted to setting it on fire. He provided documentation to prove he owned the Honda Wave 125, which he had bought for 60,000 baht just two years prior.

Newat explained that the motorbike consistently broke down and suffered around ten flat tyres in May alone. The night before, both the front and rear tyres became flat while he was waiting for a delivery job. When attempting to replace them at a nearby petrol station, he found they had run out of replacement tyres.

Frustrated and known for his short temper, Newat decided to buy 50 baht worth of petrol and set his motorbike on fire to end its troublesome existence. He drove the motorbike with flat tyres to an empty, newly-filled dirt area just 50 metres away from his home. After pouring the petrol and setting the motorbike alight, he returned home to rest.

In the morning, Newat’s mother informed him that the police had come, prompting him to go and claim responsibility for the burnt motorbike. Newat acknowledged that it was his impatience and frustration that led to his drastic action.

This is not the first incident in Thailand of someone burning their car due to frustrations with it.

On March 5, an irate Thai man set his car on fire in the northeast Udon Thani province. The man, 58 year old Panya, had absolutely no regrets. This was after he had continued to experience problems with the car’s electrical system and trouble getting the car to start.

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