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Phuket business: LED systems to dim costs

Legacy Phuket Gazette



Phuket business: LED systems to dim costs | The Thaiger

PHUKET: Businesses and private homes looking to reduce overheads and increase marketing and profit potential can benefit by tapping into the latest LED powered solutions.

Osram-Traxon (Thailand), have partnered with SAPL-CAL Solutions and Boonsoong Technology Co Ltd to showcase its latest products at the Phuket Life and Drive Show, scheduled for March 28 to April 2 at the Homeworks complex opposite of Central Festival Phuket.

Indeed, the latest energy saving LED light management systems about to hit the Phuket market look to offer substantial energy savings.

“These innovative products will be able to save building owners and individual homeowners an average of 50 to 80% on their energy bills if properly applied and utilized,” said Chaluckkamol Fuengchan, Managing Director of Boonsoong Technology’s Phuket office.

Using movement and light sensors, light management systems can save energy by dimming lights when the respective room, corridor, or passageway is not utilized, she said.

“Rooms and buildings can also be preset at a desired lighting output for the respective room or building even when the room is occupied.

“For example, a 100 Watt lamp will draw 100 Watts of power when lit up. With an Osram light management system, the respective 100 Watt lamp can be set to output 70 or 80 Watts instead, thereby saving 20% to 30%,” she explained.

“At 50%, the total savings can be quite substantial,” she added.

Traxon’s creative lighting applications, its exciting range of LED color changing arrays, and dynamic white LED lights – including the creative mirror tiles for home and hospitality applications – will also be on display.

Another interesting display to look out for is the Dynamic White Lighting series of liners and wall washers, which illuminates only the full spectrum of White Light (warm white to cool white) and also the spectacular RGBW series of color changing lights.

“Home owners who want to add some hi-tech display features to spice up their stylish homes should not miss the display,” Miss Chaluckkamol said.

In addition to interior lighting displays, the latest development in digital media will also be unveiled to the Phuket market.

LEDtronics digital billboards are a modern replacement for conventional, static billboards in the out-of-home media industry, explained Anthony Teo, Director of SAPL-CAL Solutions.

Together with technology partner Daktronics Inc, LEDtronics provides one of the best digital LED screen offerings in the region.

“LEDtronics digital display solutions are essential tools to deliver target advertising messages for your front door customers.

“Besides, customers often use digital billboards to deliver corporate communications, enhance company’s reputation and their brand names,” he said.

Featuring easy installation and maintenance, high-quality video content and outstanding product quality, LEDtronics LED systems provide an overall hassle-free ownership experience for the life of the product.

Boonsoon Technology will support sales of LEDtronics LED screens for Thai markets south of Bangkok, including Phuket.

The upcoming Phuket Life and Drive Show is sponsored by the Phuket Gazette and PGTV.

— Steven Layne

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BOI approves new rail services, new port investment

The Thaiger



BOI approves new rail services, new port investment | The Thaiger

PHOTO: Duangjai Asawachintachit, BOI secretary general

The Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) has laid out strategies to boost the development of rail services and the country’s cruise tourism.

Duangjai Asawachintachit, BOI secretary general, says the latest BOI meeting chaired by the Prime Minister had resolved to instigate measures to attract investment in rail development and related infrastructure for continued economic growth.

According to Duangjai, investment projects for rail development and related sectors will be entitled to a tax break of 50% for the first three to five years of investment.

The BOI also approved measures to stimulate the cruise tourism business, with the aim of attracting more tourists to the kingdom.

Moreover, the BOI has introduced a plan to attract aerospace investment to U-Tapao Airport in 2019 as part of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project, as the EEC Office is planning to develop an “Aerotropolis” which will stretch over 30 kilometers from the airport.

Additionally, the meeting endorsed the 7-year strategic investment promotion plan, spanning 2015 to 2021, which it is anticipated will contribute 418 billion baht to the country’s GDP.

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Chinese foreign policy – On track

The Thaiger



Chinese foreign policy – On track | The Thaiger

by Nikkei Asia Review

“When Japanese trading house Itochu and train maker Hitachi withdrew from a soon-to-be-decided $7 billion tender for a high-speed rail project near Bangkok, it appeared to be another victory for China and its grand plans to connect Southeast Asia with railways.

Thailand has for decades been the centerpiece of Tokyo’s strategy for Southeast Asia, and long-discussed plans to build extensive shinkansen-style rail lines in the country’s east and north were meant to cement the relationship between the two nations.

But while Japan’s ambitions have been stalled by disagreements about financing and other details, Beijing has managed to push ahead with construction of a separate high-speed rail line in northern Thailand. To some, the rail projects are a symbol of China’s growing influence in a country where Japan had spent decades building ties.”

The article predicts that the Chinese investment into South East Asian rail services is part of its broader ‘belt and road’ policy that is stretching out into new routes and connecting regions, and China, with hitherto remote parts of the asian continent.

“China’s high-speed rail ambitions in Southeast Asia don’t end in Bangkok, however. Under its planned 3,000-km pan-Asian railway network, Chinese rail lines will extend even further south, stretching through Malaysia and feeding into Singapore.”

Chinese foreign policy - On track | News by The Thaiger

China’s reach southwards will allow it to exert greater political influence on places like Singapore which, for now, still retains strong connections to Washington. Investing in high-speed railways all the way from China’s borders to the tip of the Malay Peninsula is a lot more than just an economic investment, it’s a high-profile symbol of China’s new influence in the region where issues such as ‘Taiwan’ and it’s demands in the South China Sea have caused prickly negotiations with the ASEAN countries.

But to reach Singapore, China must first get Malaysia on side…

“A dramatic recent shift in Malaysian politics has put China’s plans for Singapore on hold, however. After his election in May, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad decided to hold up “for now” the $20 billion 688-km east coast rail line connecting southern Thailand to Kuala Lumpur, and postpone for two years a 350-km high-speed rail link between the Malaysian capital and Singapore.”

The article says that these ‘investments’ are actually just loans for high-priced infrastructure that often cannot be repaid by smaller economies….

“China typically provides loans, not grants, for foreign infrastructure projects, and takes possession of the project if the recipient is unable to repay its debt – as happened with a port in Sri Lanka. Such instances have prompted critics in the West to accuse China of practicing ‘debt diplomacy’.”

Read more of this fascinating and important article from Nikkei Asia Review HERE.

Chinese foreign policy - On track | News by The Thaiger

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Thailand opens doors to cryptocurrencies – Thaiger Bites

The Thaiger



Thailand opens doors to cryptocurrencies – Thaiger Bites | The Thaiger

Divisions are forming across Asia with regards to cryptocurrencies. Some nations such as China are constantly stomping on anything to do with crypto assets but others, Thailand being the latest, are opening their digital doors to the fledgling industry.

Over the past year Thailand has warmed to crypto and this latest raft of official licenses is a big boost to the industry in the country and region as a whole. Military rulers and the central bank remains wary which is no surprise and have issued warnings to investors. Overall though the sentiment is positive and an official ICO portal has even been proposed by the SEC.

Read more about this story from News BTC HERE.

(Thaiger Bites provides these short snippets for stories we believe of interest to our readers)

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