Minor International celebrates sustainable business achievements

Minor International (MINT) is celebrating the efforts of businesses who have committed to sustainable growth and operating ethically.

MINT, a Thai multinational company, specialises in hospitality, restaurant and lifestyle businesses located across 63 countries. Serving customers from the Asia-Pacific all the way to the America’s, MINT’s business portfolio consists of thousands of providers of food, hotels and tourism experiences.

Seeing the complex social and environmental challenges being encountered globally, in 2016 MINT launched the Sustainability Awards, an initiative encouraging MINT businesses to exhibit their sustainability practices.

For MINT, sustainability entails effectively demonstrating your adoption of the ‘shared value’ concept, practicing environmental and social responsibility to reduce your negative impacts while growing your business.

This year, MINT recognised 6 businesses across 3 award categories for their commitment to corporate responsibility.

Sustainability Excellence award

In the Sustainability Excellence award category, Nomad Coffee Group demonstrated their dedication to corporate responsibility by receiving a B Corp Certification.

Businesses can only achieve B Corp Certification by undergoing an extensive impact analysing their governance, workers, community, customers, and environment impacts.

Now, Nomad is the largest coffee company to have achieved a B Corp Certification, and this year they eliminated 30 tons of greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing benefits for employees.

Niyama Private Islands also received Minor International’s Sustainability Excellence award for their ongoing commitment to preserving ecological habitats and ecosystems.

Continuing to boost local biodiversity while minimising their environmental footprint, Niyama in 2023 took further steps to support their local community.

Niyama’s sustainability initiatives included eliminating 404 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, composting 95 tons of food waste and ethically sourcing local ingredients, such as seafood, herbs and vegetables.

Environmental Excellence award

Minor Dairy Co., LTD and Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas were the two winners of the Environmental Excellence award.

Both businesses in this category heavily focused on reducing their energy consumption, with Minor Dairy Co., enhancing internal processes to reduce their usage of LPG and water.

To do this, Minor Dairy Co., LTD installed new fat warming machines and optimised their hot water temperature supply processes, resulting in them saving THB 1.22 million and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 162 tons.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas have moved away from using diesel generators as their main source of electricity.

After investing USD 577,500 to install solar panels, Anantara saved USD 150,551 by adopting renewable energy.

From this initiative, Anatara eliminated over 588 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and they have continued to implement renewable energy in their staff and guest accommodations.

Social Impact Excellence Award

In the final award category, The Coffee Club Thailand and The Royal Livingstone received recognition from MINT for their endeavours in social impact.

In 2023, The Coffee Club switched to using 100% cage free eggs, and have now served over 1.5 million ethically sourced eggs in their restaurants.

This change resulted in a range of positive social impact outcomes, such as improving animal welfare, providing healthier food for customers and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Royal Livingstone by Anantara and Avani Victoria Fall Resort received the award for providing professional training and work experiences to empower youth in their local community.

Partnering with impact-led organisations, The Royal Livingstone now delivers a six month Youth Employment Programme, a paid initiative teaching young people hospitality industry skills.

This program aims to equip young people with the tools to pursue higher education or attain future employment in the hospitality or customer service sectors.

Minor International continues to explore how they can spotlight ethical businesses, organisations who are leading the way in practicing social and environmental sustainability.

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