Viral video shows Khao San club guard slapping tourist

PHOTO: A viral video captures a Khao San Road security guard slapping a confused tourist. (via video screenshot)

A video clip showing a foreign tourist being handcuffed and slapped in the face by a security guard in a popular pub in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok has gone viral on social media. The victim is thought to be a well-known YouTuber. The incident has sparked outrage among commenters and led to the guard being fired.

In the clip, the tourist looks confused as he is handcuffed and repeatedly slapped by the guard. The video appeared to show the tourist asking in disbelief what he had done wrong. The assault seemed to stem from the tourist taking a bottle of water he thought was complimentary and the staff accusing him of stealing it.

The police have been called to investigate the incident, and the guard responsible has been dismissed from his job and is facing charges of assault. The management team of The Club, a popular nightclub on Khaosan Road has issued a statement apologizing for the incident, and has promised to compensate the victim fully.

In their statement, the management team acknowledged that the incident had caused problems, and that they were doing everything they could to make things right. They also announced that they were accelerating the training of the remaining staff, to improve the quality of service.

Commenters online have criticized the pub for not doing enough to prevent such incidents, and for tarnishing Thailand’s reputation as a popular tourist destination. Some have called for stronger measures to be taken to protect tourists from abusive behaviour like this.

In response, the police have announced that they will be inviting all the security guards in the Khao San area to talk and clarify about taking care of tourists on a regular basis. They have also promised to take stronger measures to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.

Meanwhile, the identity of the victim of the assault has not been confirmed, other than comments online that believe him to be a well-known YouTuber.

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Neill Fronde

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