Man defecates in authority’s pickup truck in Bangkok area – VIDEO

Man deficates in Min Buri authority's car, screengrab.

Finished your lunch or dinner? OK…

A man ha defecated on the backseat of an authority’s pickup truck in Min Buri, on the outskirts of Bangkok yesterday. Yep, you read that right! The authorities had stopped the man because they wanted to confiscate his motorcycle and put it in their truck after he parked on the sidewalk. Thai media reports that the man told the authorities he needed to use the restroom urgently, but they didn’t listen.

A video of the absurd incident shows the man first getting into a scuffle with the authorities as they struggle to make him get off his bike. After some pushing and shoving between the two parties, the man finally gets up, walks to the truck, opens the passenger-side door, pulls down his trousers, bends over and ‘does the deed’ in a matter of seconds, before the bewildered police had any idea of what was coming… out.


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The authorities rushed to pull the man away when they realised what he was doing, but by the time they pulled him away, he had already managed to leave a ‘deposit’ on the backseat. The video shows the police pulling the man away while his trousers are still down, and the two parties continuing to argue.

The man then ended up being fined 7,000 baht for both parking on the sidewalk, and his unanticipated ‘evacuation’. Thai media outlets have reported on the gentleman’s behaviour in a variety of ways, with Sanook calling the incident a ‘yellow bomb’ and Naew Na writing “NO ESCAPE” in its headline.

Stay classy Bangkok.

SOURCE: Thai Rath

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