Truck driver following GPS wedged in U-turn underpass

PHOTO: A truck gets wedge in a U-turn underpass after listening to his GPS. (via Naew Na)

Don’t believe everything you hear… even if the voice telling it to you is the computerized one of your GPS system. A truck driver learned that lesson the hard way today after blindly following his GPS resulted in his truck being firmly wedged under the overpass of a highway U-turn in Nonthaburi.

A 56 year old Thai man was the driver of a large shipping truck that is over 3 metres tall and said he was making a delivery to the south of Thailand from Thanyaburi. He claimed to just be listening to the GPS which directed him to drive his truck down a highway U-turn exit under the Klong Bangkok Noi bridge.

Not thinking about the large height of his truck, he followed his GPS without question and drove right past the sign that warned that the underpass had a clearance height of 2 metres 90 centimetres and that vehicles must be shorter than that to squeeze through.

His truck was not. The 10 wheeler truck did not make it under the first overpass and quickly became wedged partially under the concrete barrier, tilted sideways with half its wheels lifted off the ground. The Bang Kruay police were alerted of the truck accident and headed to the scene of the U-turn to help.

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A large tow truck was called in, and was able to pull the truck free after 15 minutes of struggling. The tall truck was pulled backwards out of the underpass and moved aside, allowing the free flow of traffic to continue.

It could be worse though.. it could be stuck in a wheelie position, like a Durian truck in July!


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