Escalator accident at Bangkok train station leaves 27 injured

Photo by Matichon.

Twenty-seven people were injured last night after a group of teenagers fell down an escalator at a Bangkok train station. Rescuers from Ruam Katanyu Foundation said earlier that the escalator at BTS Surasak station malfunctioned. But police say the accident was caused by someone slipping and falling down the stairs.

BTS has now released a statement saying that an initial inspection found that the escalator had not malfunctioned. BTS had temporarily closed off the escalator after the incident happened.

A deputy inspector at Yannawa Police Station, Lieutenant Colonel Somyot Bunnakaew, said the teenagers had attended a concert at Bangkok Christian School held to mark its anniversary. He said that when the concert ended, the teens had rushed to Surasak station when it was raining, and they were all hurrying to get in.

Somyot said that someone slipped, causing the group to all fall down the stairs. Altogether, 27 people had minor injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals.

Police now plan to check surveillance cameras at the station to keep investigating and warned that if the people who caused the tumble did it intentionally, they would face legal consequences.

Video footage of the incident circling on Twitter shows the large crowd of people falling backward on an escalator going up.

SOURCE: The Standard | The Standard | Matichon | Matichon

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