Bangkok chef discovers newborn remains in suitcase

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A shocking discovery was made early yesterday morning when a chef found the remains of a newborn in his luggage, leading police to launch an investigation into the tragic incident. The 41 year old chef, Chusak, was unaware that his 30 year old wife, Panadda, was pregnant.

The couple had recently separated, and the police are now seeking Panadda to uncover the circumstances that led to this heartbreaking situation.

At approximately 4am today, Deputy Inspector Thitipong Phutinathawornpong of Wat Phraya Krai Police Station was alerted to the grim discovery at an apartment complex on Charoen Rat 7 Alley in the Bang Kho Laem district of Bangkok.

The first responders, including medical examiners from Chulalongkorn Hospital and forensic experts, arrived at the scene to find the body of a foetus aged between six and nine months concealed in a black suitcase with wheels, covered by a red plastic bag and a black trash liner. Some clothing items were also found in the luggage.

Chusak, who works as a chef for a household in the Ari area, lived with Panadda for several years, and they have a five year old son together, who currently resides with his grandparents in Phayao province. According to Chusak, Panadda had difficulty maintaining employment and spent most of her time at home as a housewife. The couple had been renting the apartment for nearly a year before Panadda left unexpectedly around March 20.

Before the distressing find, Chusak wanted to use the suitcase, which was stored under a vanity table in his room. Upon opening it, he discovered clothing and trash bags, which emitted a foul odour reminiscent of decaying remains.

Panicked, he contacted his employer, who advised him to take photographs as evidence before informing security to move the suitcase outside the apartment, where police were called. Chusak expressed his shock, stating he had no idea that Panadda was pregnant, as she did not exhibit any visible signs or symptoms, reported KhaoSod.

Deputy Inspector Thitipong speculated that Panadda may have miscarried and, out of fear, hidden the foetus in the suitcase before fleeing.

The infant’s body has been sent to Chulalongkorn Hospital for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. The police are actively searching for Panadda to question her about the events that unfolded.

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