Bangkok fire kills 2 women

Fire at print shop in Samut Prakan, video screengrab.

A fire in Phra Nakhon district in central Bangkok has killed 2 women early this morning. The women tragically lost were 33 year old Saengsom Kotchakornkamut, and 75 year old Wararak wangsathitwong. Police believe Saengsom and Wararak died of suffocation, however their bodies were sent to a hospital for a post-mortem examination.

The fire engulfed 2 buildings, each 3 storeys, which were home to a print shop. Firefighters took about 20 minutes to get the fire under control, and found Saengsom and Wararak dead on the 3d floor. Thai media reports that their lips and noses had black stains and their clothes and bodies were filled with soot.

Officers from Samran Rat police station believe that the pair might have gone to the 3d floor to run away from the fire, but couldn’t escape because the windows were barred. The police believe they then suffocated from the smoke. They have not yet determined what caused the fire. Saengsom was reportedly the daughter of the shop’s owner, and Wararak was reportedly the shop’s housekeeper.

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Another fire in central Thailand killed 3 family members in a townhouse in Samut Prakan last month. A 34 year old mother and her 4 year old son were found burnt to death on the second floor bedroom of their home. They died hugging each other. Just outside the bedroom, a 62 year old man was found. He had died trying to escape, but iron burglar bars prevented him from doing so.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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