Bangkok family tragedy: 2 lives lost in townhouse fire, extensive injuries to 3 more

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In the early hours of this morning, tragedy struck in the form of a fire that engulfed a five-story townhouse in Bangkok, claiming two lives and leaving three extensively injured. The victims were members of a single family.

One woman died after making a desperate attempt to escape the inferno by jumping from the fourth floor with her youngest son, who tragically succumbed to his injuries later. The father and eldest son endured injuries while escaping.

At around 2am, an alarming incident of fire was reported from an upper-class community in Yan Nawa district. Officer Kritch Petch Simmalai, a police investigator from Bang Pong Pang Police Station, rushed to the spot along with firefighters from Chan Road and volunteers from Ruamkatanyu Foundation. Upon reaching the site, they discovered a five-storey townhouse ablaze.

The townhouse, owned by an advertising signage company, was an office and home to a family of six. The blaze intensified as it rapidly consumed the building and took firefighters approximately 20 minutes to extinguish it. Unfortunately, in the event, one individual lost their life at the scene while three others were critically injured and rushed to different hospitals – Chulalongkorn, Charoen Krung, and Lerdsin Hospitals, reported KhaoSod.

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Investigations revealed that the six residents were a 44 year old advertising company owner named Thossaporn, his wife A, their two sons aged 15 and 10 years old, and Thossaporn’s brother and sister in law. Upon hearing cries for help from Thosporn’s brother staying on the third floor, Thosporn and his eldest son ran to the back exit stairs leading to the second floor. Seeing the fire raging fiercely, they decided to jump from the second floor, which resulted in severe injuries. As the fire ascended to the third floor, Thosporn’s wife and younger son jumped from the fourth floor leading to tragic results – the wife succumbed to the injuries on the spot, and the son later passed away at Lerdsin Hospital.

Further investigations will be undertaken by the forensic department and the pathologist from Chulalongkorn Hospital to uncover the cause of this horrifying fire.

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