“Ari reset,” a great handing over plastic bottles campaign.

“Ari reset,” a great campaign, would like to invite the Ari brothers and sisters to join in handing over plastic bottles.

Ari Around would like to invite the Ari brothers and sisters to join in handing over plastic bottles of all sizes that are no longer used for the “Ari Reset” campaign to help reduce the amount of plastic bottles in the area. And to create added value as a community-friendly product for the community in the future. Those who are interested can exchange bottles for Ari coins to redeem items or use the services of shops that join Ari.


Ari Around is a platform of generosity that focuses on people in the community having compassion for each other for quality of life, relationships, and the sustainability of the world. So, the thing that Ari pays attention to is “waste management.” As we know, the Ari area is home to residents, as well as workers and tourists, and is considered a business district that is constantly crowded. The amount of waste in the area has also increased, such as wet garbage from food waste and plastic packaging waste Plastic water bottles, etc.

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Therefore, waste management is an important issue that people in the community need to be aware of in order to create a good environment.


Ari Around has created a campaign called “Exchange garbage for Ari Coin.” Ari Coin is a digital coin that allows people in the community or visitors to use it to receive discounts at shops in the Ari area.


Currently, Ari Around focuses on handling PET bottles, or the plastic water bottles that we commonly see. Which is a type of garbage that people commonly use. PET Bottle: Plastic bottles that are tough, durable, flexible, impact-resistant, and can be shaped into a variety of shapes. It also has low contaminant emissions from PET bottles, resulting in low emissions and absolute safety.

"Ari reset," a great handing over plastic bottles campaign. | News by ThaigerWe can see that Ari is a neighborhood known for its cafés for content creators. Every café or restaurant sells plastic water bottles. Buying those products means adding waste to the community as well. We have seen the pain points, so we want to start with plastic water bottle management. It aims to help encourage good behavior for people in the community to consider waste separation as usual behavior and encourage people to be aware that the environment matters

Ari Around’s past campaigns have received great feedback. Local people exchanged plastic water bottles for Ari Coin. Ari brought those plastic bottles to donate to the hospital. Or bring it to artists in the area to create further value. This makes us want to continue the good campaign to continue the cooperation of people in the community, tourists, and visitors to be connected for a sustainable community.


In this Ari Reset campaign, we want to upcycle plastic water bottles in order to add value and uniqueness to the Ari area. It can be sold and become a product that everyone will buy for their own use or as a souvenir for their loved ones.

"Ari reset," a great handing over plastic bottles campaign. | News by Thaiger

Campaign steps

Collect: Collect all sizes of clear plastic bottles (PET) and remove the labels. The plastic bottles must not be used with all kinds of chemicals.

Exchange: Bring a clear plastic bottle to the AriAround Drop-Off Station redemption point.

Place : 1383/23 Phahonyothin Rd., Samsen Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/F6Z98Bfa4HBTRn4m9

Get : Get Ari coins to exchange for items or use shop services and restaurants in the Ari area that are participating with Ari Around

1 bottle redeems 5 ARIC. Clear plastic bottle redemption points and Ari coin redemption points can be found on the Ari Around website or the Ari Around app.

Ari Around recognizes the importance of the environment and the efficiency of dealing with plastic bottle waste found in the Ari area. The Ari Reset campaign is therefore an opportunity for Ari people to participate within the community and the environment in helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste. You can also get Ari coins to collect and use within the area.

For the Ari Reset campaign, the organizers hope it will be a small starting point to raise awareness about the circular economy for more people in the Ari area. In order to build our Ari community into a community of compassion that is more sustainable and livable. Plastic bottles can be donated from November 1–30, 2022, or follow more information via the AriAround Facebook page.

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