Affluent group accused of harassment at Bangkok area petrol station

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An affluent group of men have been accused of indecent behaviour and harassment at a petrol station in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi, Thailand. The incident, reported by a 42 years old former drummer, occurred late at night when he stopped at the station to use the restroom. He noticed a group of well-dressed men hanging around the restroom, who didn’t seem to be using the facilities.

The drummer reported that while he was using the restroom, one of the men entered behind him, attempting to engage in inappropriate behaviour. Shocked, the man managed to record a video on his phone. But the aggressor noticed he was being filmed and forced the drummer to delete the video.

A petrol station attendant confirmed the incident, stating that it was a common occurrence, particularly between 6pm and 4am. The attendant reported that the group consisted of high-status individuals who drove expensive cars and targeted attractive young men using the restroom.

Not only would they watch these men, but would also invite them to participate in indecent activities. The attendant revealed that sometimes three men would enter the same restroom.

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Despite notifying the local Bang Bua Thong Police Station, no action has been taken. Moreover, the attendant claimed that the group would intimidate and verbally abuse the petrol station staff, making them hesitant to intervene.

Following his complaint, a news reporter visited the petrol station where the drummer pointed out the location of the incident. The reporter then contacted the police and relevant authorities to take appropriate action.

Upon visiting the petrol station again at 11.14pm on the same day, the reporter encountered a cleaner at the petrol station, who confirmed the ongoing issue. He stated that he often found used condoms while cleaning, particularly during the late hours. He added that he noticed a number of expensive cars parked in the vicinity during the night, indicating the presence of the group, reports Sanook.

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