Actor Ravi Patel to star in film set in Bangkok

Ravi Patel, photo by Variety.

American actor and director Ravi Patel is preparing to star as the villain in an upcoming film set in Bangkok. The film, Kiss of the Con Queen, follows a Bangkok-based actor who heads to Jakarta, Indonesia, for an audition to be the lead in a TV show.

While in Jakarta, the actor discovers that a scam is being plotted against him, and he ends up outsmarting the scammer, played by Patel.

Writer Eoin O’Brien based the script on his own experiences of being scammed by an Indonesian food blogger.

The film’s director is Tom Waller, the Thai-British director of The Cave, which told the story of the Thai youth football team that got trapped in a flooded cave in 2018.

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“Kiss of the Con Queen” will start shooting in Bangkok in December this year, ahead of additional locations in Jakarta and elsewhere. The film will be co-produced by Waller’s De Warrenne Pictures, Yaman Films from Japan, and Film Bangkok.

Patel is most widely recognised for his roles in the 2007 world-famous action flick Transformers, the 2014 documentary Meet the Patels, and the 2015 film Master of None.

In Meet the Patels, Patel documented his own experiences trying to find a bride through the matchmaking process of his Indian culture and family. The real-life comedy has been described as hilarious by many.

The world will now wait and see Patel’s performance in Kiss of the Con Queen.

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