Worshippers wade through floods to get to temple in central Thailand

Photo by Nation Thailand.

Buddhist worshipers in central Thailand are journeying through massive floods to get to their temple. The water level around the Wat Ban Phat temple in Ayutthaya province’s Bang Pa-in district is up to 1.5 metres.

Worshippers are taking boats to get to the temple. Photos by Nation Thailand show temple-goers crossing a rather rickety-looking wooden walkway.

The water level in Bang Pa-in rose after the flow through the Chao Phraya Dam in Chain Nat increased to 3,113 cubic metres per second due to weeks of heavy rain and runoff.

A 66 year old woman, Samlee, said her house is 2 metres above ground, and the floods almost reached her floor.

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Floods are continuing to cause chaos across Thailand. Thai media today reported that the flood situation in the northeast province of Ubon Ratchathani is deadly serious and dangerous.

Agricultural areas, roads, and bridges have been destroyed while some houses are underwater.

Last week, floods in northeast Thailand reportedly killed three villagers in the northeast province of Sisaket since Wednesday, October 5. The floods reportedly also injured another two people in Sisaket.

Seven districts of Sisaket were impacted by floods, and about 2,152 people from 528 households were evacuated to 23 temporary shelters. The districts impacted included: the main city district, Huai Thap Than, Yang Chum Noi, Wang Hin, Phu Sing, Nam Klieng, and Uthumphon Phisai districts.

In Chiang Mai last week, residents woke up to a flooded city district after the Ping River overflowed.

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