SRT Red Line is experiencing a spike in commuters

The State Railway of Thailand yesterday revealed passengers using the new SRT Red Line is on the up.

As of last week, 14,000 people have been using the SRT Red Line on a daily basis. Back in November 2021, there were only around 2,000 to 3,000 commuters taking the train. But since the beginning of the year it jumped from 8,000 to 9,000 until it hit more than 10,000 last month. The SRT is expecting to see 30,000 commuters in 2022.

Since the beginning of May, the government has removed the Test & Go admission requirements and allowed the reopening of schools. This resulted in more people taking the commute and using the new Red Line service.

Bang Sue Central, Don Mueang, and Rangsit are the most popular stations. Don Mueang is gaining a lot of users with the easing of travel restrictions, the first time a public rail system has linked Bangkok’s second airport to the city. The SRT is planning to create a ramp connecting Don Mueang station to the airport after receiving several complaints about the inconvenience of moving large luggage around on the connecting stairs.

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Fares on the Red Line start at 12 baht and go up to 42 baht for the full trip. The cost of a monthly pass is 25 baht per ride.

SRT Red Line is experiencing a spike in commuters | News by ThaigerSOURCE: Bangkok Post

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