Shana E-Sport’s daring tune-up turns Ranger Raptor into a trucking masterpiece (video)

Picture courtesy of Carscoops.

In the realm of Thai automotive enthusiasm, pickup trucks reign supreme, with the Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux dominating sales charts. Not to be left in the dust, the Ford Ranger claims its stake in this truck-loving nation, and thanks to one daring tuner, Shana E-Sport from Chon Buri, it just underwent a jaw-dropping transformation.

This Thai tuning maestro recently turned their attention to the latest-generation Ford Ranger Raptor, delivering a striking creation that’s bound to turn heads. Inspired by the iconic Ford Bronco, a vehicle absent from local markets, the modified Ranger Raptor sports an entirely new front fascia. Shana E-Sport didn’t stop at a mere facelift – they took customisation to the next level.

The truck’s frontal makeover includes a bold grille and headlights, all borrowed from the rugged Bronco lineage. To enhance its off-road prowess, a robust skid plate has been seamlessly integrated into the new design. Shana E-Sport, however, pushed the boundaries further, adding a set of eye-catching aftermarket wheels.

The custom wheels, adorned with black spokes and striking red outer rims, lend a touch of aggression. Wrapped in mud-terrain tyres, they sit proudly over red brake callipers, proudly brandishing the Brembo logo. The widened wheelbase necessitated the inclusion of flared wheel arches, amplifying the Ranger’s already dramatic aesthetic.

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Venturing to the back, Shana E-Sport didn’t hold back. Novel shrouds envelop the taillights, while a conspicuous Bronco badge graces the tailgate, leaving an indelible mark of the tuner’s creativity. The rear bumper, distinctively crafted, completes this radical pickup truck transformation, reported Carscoops.

In a nation where pickup trucks reign supreme, Shana E-Sport has truly redefined the limits of customisation, turning a regular Ranger Raptor into a Bronco-inspired masterpiece that’s bound to set the streets ablaze.

In related motoring news, last month Toyota debuted an electric version of its popular Hilux pickup in Thailand. Little is known about the specs, with Toyota Thailand glossing over battery size and power output details in a launch that was, to say the least, low-key.

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