Runway temporarily closed for repair, flights to and from Phuket affected

Last evening Phuket International Airport closed for 2 hours whilst quick repairs were made to the runway. Earlier in the day, small cracks were found on the tarmac causing airport officials to postpone some flights and divert others that were on their way to Phuket.

Repairs were made on the runway between 5 – 7pm as repairs were affected by officials.

Some 22 flights are reported to have been affected by the diversions and postponements (details below). Flights were reportedly diverted to Krabi and Hat Yai airports.

Other flights to and from Phuket Airport were postponed or cancelled due to the inspections and subsequent repairs on the east-west runway. Flight Radar 24 showed a number of flights put into holding patterns waiting to land before being diverted to the two nearest airports – Hat Yai in Songkhla and Krabi. Both local and international flights were affected by the delays and repairs.


Here’s a list of the flights diverted to alternative airports, or postponed, today…

Inbound flights…

• AK826

• DD18

• SQ736

• SL768

• FD3021

• VZ452

• FD3160

• PG277

• EY431

• VZ2304

• WE217


Outbound flights…

• TG919

• VZ307

• FD4123

• AK827

• WE224

• DD19

• TG478

• SL769

• SQ735

• FD3022

• FD3159

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