Power bank explodes in backpack at Chiang Mai Airport – VIDEO

Thankfully the passenger wasn’t on a plane at the time. The woman had just arrived at the Chiang Mai International Airport. The first explosion was in her backpack which she quickly shrugged off and it fell to the ground. (Watch the video, bottom left at the beginning)

Then, as security came to get a quick video of the incident on his mobile phone, a second explosion started. The power bank was spinning around like a fire cracker, causing panic among the crowd at the front of the airport.

The faulty power bank burnt a hole in her shirt.

The airport posted… “Think about it, if this happens onboard, how would it be? This is why the airport has to strictly check the luggage and power banks before they get onboard.”

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Usually, all airlines allow for power banks onboard but there are certain limitations, such as the capacity, which need to be within safety standards of the International Air Transport Association and can only be accepted in the hand luggage. A power bank with a capacity higher than 32000 mAh is not allowed onboard without any exception.

A power bank that has a capacity between 20000 – 32000 mAh is limited to maximum 2 pieces per person. A power bank lower than 20000 mAh is allowed onboard with no limitation.


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