Don Mueang station’s escalators and elevators back in service after repairs

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Don Mueang station’s escalators and elevators on the Red Line are fully operational after completing repair and maintenance work. The Department of Rail Transport (DRT) confirmed the news after an inspection carried out yesterday. Pichet Khunathamrak, the DRT director-general, confirmed that all 24 escalators and nine elevators are now in service.

Ongoing repair work at Wat Samianaree, Bang Khen, Lak Hok, and Rangsit stations is projected to conclude by the end of the month. The maintenance work at Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, and Kheha is scheduled for completion in September.

Last month, Red Line passengers voiced their frustration over the inconvenience of escalator and elevator malfunctions at various stations, calling for their repair. Oddly, a recent customer satisfaction survey rated the Red Line favourably.

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT), which operates the Red Line, responded by stating they were in the process of procuring a contractor for the repair and maintenance of the system. The SRT anticipates all work to be completed and fully functional by September.

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Khunathamrak reported that he had directed the SRT to ensure all repair and maintenance tasks were completed on time. Additionally, he instructed them to carry out regular upkeep to provide safe and convenient services for passengers, reports Bangkok Post.

The Department of Rail Transport has been acting to repair the escalator and elevator due to the people’s concern over the accident two months ago. During the accident which happened at Don Mueang International Airport, a Thai woman tragically lost her leg after collapsing on an escalator. The accident took place around 8.30am, on June 29 and it happened at the end of the moving walkway.

While the victim was on the escalator, she fell down and her leg was immediately drawn into the machine, up to the kneecap. From the view of the CCTV, it is seen that a suitcase hit the victim’s left leg while she was on the escalator, causing her to fall.

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