Dead passenger on Bangkok-bound flight had Covid

PHOTO: A dead passenger found to have Covid was unloaded from a flight from Saudi Arabia yesterday. (via Matichon)

Passengers on a flight to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport discovered that the only thing more unpleasant than an unruly passenger is a dead one. A 71 year old Thai man died mid-flight as an aircraft travelled from Saudi Arabia to Bangkok’s main airport. Testing showed the man was infected with Covid-19 at the time of his death.

Little information has been released about the incident that took place yesterday so far. His exact cause of death was not confirmed, nor were the details of the flight. Both Thai Airways and Saudia (formerly Saudi Arabian Airlines) fly to Suvarnabhumi Airport from both Riyadh and Jeddah. Photos suggest that the dead man was a business or premium-class passenger.

The 71 year old time and passed away at some point during the flight. When the plane landed in Bangkok, rescuers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation boarded the aircraft to try to quickly remove his body. They administered an antigen test kit to test him for Covid and the results came back positive.

Officials worked to get him off the plane as assumedly startled and uneasy passengers sat waiting aboard. The flight had a layover in Bangkok but also continued service to a further destination, so the arrangements for the deceased man had to be executed quickly.

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No further details were available at this time about the incident.

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