Thai tourism minister welcomes Chinese influencers to boost 2024 travel

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On December 26 Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, the Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports, extended a warm welcome to a large contingent of Chinese media representatives and influencers. Their visit was part of the Amazing Festive & Exclusive Trip in Thailand, a grand event scheduled from December 21 to 28. The event saw the participation of more than 93 Chinese influencers, all with the shared mission to showcase Thailand’s vibrant tourism industry to Chinese audiences.

From Bangkok to Pattaya, Hua Hin to Chiang Mai, Chanthaburi to Phang Nga, and Trat, the influencers were set to traverse the length and breadth of the country. Their task was to create engaging media that presented Thailand’s tourism in the most positive light, instilling confidence in foreign tourists and encouraging them to choose Thailand for their travel adventures in the New Year and beyond into 2024.

In a public address, Sudawan acknowledged the potential and significant economic impact that the Chinese market holds for Thailand. She referenced a statistic from the first day of 2023 to December 20, indicating that Thailand had already welcomed more than 3,352,812 Chinese tourists. The expectation was to exceed 3.5 million Chinese visitors by the end of the year, reported The Pattaya News.

To cater to this influx of visitors and ensure their safety, the Thai government is committed to enhancing all aspects of tourism for a quality and universally standardised travel experience. The aim is not just to project the potential of Thailand’s tourism sector, but also to cement the country’s reputation as a popular global travel destination, Sudawan asserted.

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