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Today’s Chinese rocket debris not expected to hit land

PHOTO China's Long March 5B Rocket's debris will be crashing down to earth this weekend. (via CBS)

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has assured the public that the debris from a large rocket re-entering the atmosphere today is not likely to do any harm. They said the majority of the Chinese rocket will mostly be burned up on re-entry. The Long March 5B rocket left the Earth on April 29th, launching from Hainan island in China.

This launch was the first part of an 11 part mission to construct China’s own space station in Earth orbit. The Long March 5B rocket was carrying an unmanned Tianhe module as its payload, the first part of many to be constructed together in space. When attached as part of a permanent Chinese space station, it will serve as living quarters for future astronauts.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson reassured that China is monitoring The rocket’s journey very closely and that most parts of the spacecraft would burn up on re-entry. Any debris looks likely to land in international oceans, and the chances of damage being done on dry land is considered to be extremely low.

The re-entry is scheduled for today but the exact path of the rocket debris could not be completely determined in advance. The US military announced earlier in the week that the rocket would be tracked by US Space Command, calling it an uncontrolled re-entry. Statistically speaking, the debris is most likely to fall into an ocean somewhere as the Earth is 70% covered by water, but an astrophysicist at Harvard commented to Reuters that there is a chance that pieces would not burn up completely and would land on solid ground.

As the rocket tears at hypersonic speed into the Earth’s atmosphere, most debris would be quickly incinerated by the heat generated from the re-entry. But another Chinese Long March 5B rocket fell to Earth last year in May 2020 and some parts did hit land, doing damage to some buildings in the Ivory Coast.

Projections based on the current orbit path yielded very broad results, with debris possibly landing anywhere in between Northern cities like Beijing, Madrid, or New York, to cities as far south as Wellington New Zealand or southern Chile. For now, Thailand seems safe from Chinese debris as they prepare for their own space programs.

SOURCE: Reuters

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Neill Fronde

Neill is a journalist from the United States with 10+ years broadcasting experience and national news and magazine publications. He graduated with a degree in journalism and communications from the University of California and has been living in Thailand since 2014.


  1. But, if does, mates, they’ll refuse to accept responsibility, blame everyone else, tantrum threaten anyone who speaks on it and or make a massive effort to suppress information relating to the damage caused by the debris.

      1. Precisely. The question should be: is a country with such irresponsible and imoral records fit for global leadership? What would (or more precisely “will”) be the implications for the rest of the world? Imagine what happened in HK months ago happening in your country… just a thought

    1. Precisely. The question should be: is a country with such irresponsible and immoral records fit for global leadership? What would be (or more precisely WILL) be the implications for the rest of the world? Imagine what happened in HK months ago happening in your country… just a thought

  2. Several months ago China fired off 3 of their best carrier killer missiles while the US was conducting “activity” in the South China Sea. It was a message to the Americans. One landed where it was suppose to, one veered off and landed hundreds of miles off course and one landed in China. It was a message alright hahaha.

  3. This shows again nobody can trust China, they not care about the safety of the world , just they did in Wuhan with Covid. Chinas officials and government are notorious liars with all, like we saw at Wuhan with covid. What the world sees on a daily basis is tha China is the biggest threat for the world and reckless in all fields.

  4. reading your excellent and hilarious comments makes me laugh all day. saying everything bad to china, throw the responsibility to china. lol
    Thaiger, this media. this press also reports fully biased racist story. what you guys thinking about japan releasing radioactive water into the pacific. where is the responsibility in this scenario? what about human right in Xinjiang? do you guys still believe in 2021. cotton is still picked by man power?ahahahah…what about a german man insisted not to weari mask and use the finger to insult Thai people a few days before? what about an American man killed.his Thai wife nd burried.the body and fled? the moral and responsibility?.Did this.Thaiger even report these?
    so many stories. you just want to believe what the mainstream media told you. you think you knows everything just by reading some articles.on the internet. pathetic and funny

  5. No one mentioned in late March, the several-ton second stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket broke up uncontrolled over the Pacific Northwest and dumped debris on Washington State.

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