Police in Bangkok investigate rape cases involving Thai ‘pretties’

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Refuting claims by Thai media that police let a serial rapist go free, officers in Bangkok say they are investigating and gathering evidence to arrest a 39 year old man who allegedly raped Thai models and hostesses known as “pretties.”

Reports say the suspect met the women for “entertainment” purposes and then raped the women and robbed them. A 22 year old student at a university in Thon Buri reported to police that she was raped. The man was interviewed at the scene and told police that the woman had stolen his gold ring. Thai media says the man was able to get away due to the “confusion” in the investigation.

Another woman, a 23 year old university student, recently reported to police that the same man threatened her with a knife before raping her and forcing her to transfer 2,500 baht out of her bank account.

The dangers and abuse pretties face in Thailand’s lucrative and secretive model entertainment industry have been brought to light after a young model died from “extreme alcohol intoxication” in 2019 and another died this year after working as a hostess at a private party in Bangkok. Due to the stigma in Thai society and the sometimes illegal activities involving drugs and sex, pretties are less likely to report incidents of rape and abuse.

SOURCE: Thai Visa

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Tanutam Thawan

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