Health officials express concern over risk to elderly unvaccinated during Songkran

Pre-pandemic Songkran. PHOTO: Freepik

Health officials are urging the elderly population to come forward for vaccination or boosters ahead of next month’s Songkran holiday. According to a Bangkok Post report, the Department of Disease Control says new data shows an increase in severe illness and Covid-related deaths in the elderly. DDC boss Sopon Iamsirithaworn says those returning to their home provinces over Songkran risk passing the virus to older relatives.

Data from the DDC shows that only 4.2 million of the elderly age group have received a third vaccine dose, compared to 10 million who’ve received 2 doses. Furthermore, 2.1 million elderly people have not been vaccinated at all. Sopon adds that the data shows that older people who suffer from chronic illnesses and hardly ever go out are dying of Covid-19. Most have not received a booster dose and contract the virus from visiting family members. Having an underlying condition puts them at increased risk of severe illness and death and Sopon is urging them to get vaccinated ahead of Songkran.

The Thai PM, Prayut Chan-o-cha, has also expressed concern about a rise in cases of lung inflammation among Covid-19 patients. According to government spokesman, Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, such cases have risen to 1,432, an average of 18 per province, with hospital bed occupancy rising to 25.9%.

The Bangkok Post reports that the PM has ordered relevant agencies to accelerate the rollout of booster vaccine doses for the elderly and other high-risk groups. Today, the CCSA kicks off its booster campaign, with a target to administer booster doses to 70% of the elderly population.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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